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Happy Hatch Week

happy hatch week oregon spring break at columbia gorge discovery center

Happy Hatch Week – Spring Break at the Museum

March 21st – 25th
Spend spring break at the museum with our birds & your friends!
Free for Ages 16 & Under
Different Activities All 5 Days | Daily Raptor Programs
Spring break starts on the 1st day of spring! We’re celebrating spring in the bird kingdom: flowers blooming, insects arriving, birds hatching & much more!
These events are free for kids 16 and under. No need to RSVP. Masks are required per state mandate.

¡Una Semana Celebrando La Escotilla!
Marzo 21 – 25
Pasen sus vacaciones de primavera en el museo con las aves, y tus amistades en el museo.
Gratis para menores de 16 años
Diferentes Actividades Los 5 Días | Programas diarios de aves rapaces
¡Las vacaciones de primavera comienzan el primer día de primavera! Estamos celebrando la primavera en el reino de las aves: flores que florecen, insectos que llegan, pájaros que eclosionan y mucho más.
Estos eventos son gratuitos para niños menores de 16 años. No es necesario confirmar su asistencia. Se requieren máscaras por mandato estatal.

happy hatch week oregon spring break at columbia gorge discovery center happy hatch week oregon spring break at columbia gorge discovery center

Raptor Programs at 11 am and 2 pm daily


Monday, March 21:  Bugs and Birds

You can’t have birds without bugs! Learn about the different insects with our guests, the experts from the Oregon State University Wasco County Extension Office! Enjoy their mounted displays of Beetles and Butterflies. And don’t forget to get hands-on with their famous Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!  9am to 4pm

Tuesday, March 22:  Migration

Some birds make incredible journeys as they travel from their wintering grounds to their breeding grounds. Diurnal creatures become active at night and can use the stars to guide themselves north. Learn about migration, the sky, and our solar system with Billy O’Keefe

Wednesday, March 23:  Gender Reveal of Red-tailed Hawk

When identifying animals, we look for key traits or characteristics. These can be the colors, noises, and behaviors that help us categorize animals. But sometimes categorizing animals is hard. Come learn useful tips about identifying Bald and Golden Eagles and enjoy a special reveal featuring our Red-tailed Hawk, Killer.  Enjoy a piece of cake from noon until it’s gone!

Thursday, March 24:  Owl Pellet Dissection (purchase tickets below)

Baby birds have a lot of growing to do, and they need to eat a lot of food. The parents are busy bringing back all kinds of tasty treats but that food needs to go someplace in the end. Come sit down with our Raptor Department and dissect an owl pellet while learning about what birds eat! You may even find some small bones to take home!  9:30am to 4pm, $5 per pellet dissection kit; FREE for museum members.

Friday, March 25:  Build a Nest
A nest is a continuous work in progress. Even after the eggs have hatches, adult birds can continue fine tuning their nests. Adding fresh herbs as old ones lose potency or returning to the same spot year after year with more branches. Come build or decorate your own nest while learning all about the homes that birds make and use.

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