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Early 1900's History of The Dalles Oregon

Wasco County Past & Present

The Wasco County Historical Museum is a 17,200 square-foot exhibit wing which tells the stories of the people of Wasco County past and present.

Street Replica from Historical The Dalles Oregon

Once the largest county in the nation at the time it was established in 1854, Wasco County extended from the summit of the Cascades to the Rocky mountains, including the western edge of today’s Yellowstone National Park and parts of western Montana and southern Idaho. It was the gateway to the interior of western North America.

The region played a role in significant themes in American history. On the Lewis & Clark trail and the Oregon Trail, the history of Wasco County includes 10,000 years of native peoples inhabitation, followed by the missionaries, military establishment of Fort Dalles, Indian wars, the gold rush, pioneer settlement, agriculture, steamboat shipping, commerce, and the last competition of the railroad barons.

Storefront Replica from Early 1900's The Dalles Oregon

Wander through The Dalles at the turn of the century and experience the sights and sounds of a truly pivotal place in the development of the West.

Included with paid admission.

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