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Painting Oregon’s Harvest:
The Art of Kathy Deggendorfer
Last Call – Closes end of May !

Helping us to welcome spring, we present a new art exhibit in the Ernest A. Kuck Wing.  We are showcasing over 25  pieces of Kathy’s artwork, from her collection: Painting Oregon’s Harvest: The Art of Kathy Deggendorfer. This exhibit features vibrant watercolors that depict agricultural production in the state of Oregon.

Part of Oregon’s agricultural success stems from diverse habitats that support a broad range of plants and animals: fruits and nuts blossom in the valley; fish flourish in the waterways; and livestock thrive in the state of Oregon. The people working the land learn its nuances in order to provide healthy and sustainable resources for their communities and beyond.

Kathy Deggendorfer is a self-taught artist based in Sisters, Oregon. She traveled throughout Oregon, met farmers and ranchers and learned about their successes and challenges. The exhibition is a colorful representation of her travels and allows us a chance to recognize the achievements of family farmers. Join us as we take a closer look at Oregon’s bounty and support our local food movement.

The new exhibit is included in your general admission price for the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.

Learn more about Kathy Deggendorfer as she speaks about her about her “Painting Oregon’s Harvest” in this video.

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