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Avis Marvelous: Ornithology on the Western Frontier, 1776-1896


Showing now through December 16th, this collection of vintage engravings illustrates the North American birds of the Trans-Mississippi frontier West (including Alaska), as portrayed by wildlife artists of note. The exhibit is partially a derivative of advancing 19th-century governmental survey parties, which were instructed to document the natural history features of these mostly unknown territories. Also, the exhibit features artworks created by artists and publishers seeking to capitalize upon the growing worldwide interest in American ornithology. These talented bird artists include John James Audubon, Daniel Giraud Elliot, Joseph Wolf, and Titian Ramsey Peale. This beautiful avian imagery is complemented by historical commentary, species traits, and information on current bird status. The prints are framed in handcrafted Butternut molding.

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