The Raptor Experience—Birds of Prey Education Program

Raptor Interpretive Program offers an inspiring way to learn about birds of prey, including: falcons, hawks, owls, and eagles. You'll get an up-close experience with a raptor, presented by museum personnel. Included with paid admission; free for members. The live raptor shows return to a daily schedule, beginning March 22, with showings most days at 11 am and 2 pm. If you are traveling and wish to confirm the daily raptor show, please call 541-296-8600 x 201 for information.

Bambi Foy and Bald Eagles
Bambi Foy displays the Bald Eagle.
Linda Davis displays the Red Tailed Hawk
Linda Davis shows the Red Tailed Hawk at the 2013 International Montessori Conference in Portland, Oregon.


The Discovery Center's Raptor Program will introduce you to live birds of prey.   Adults and children of all ages will enjoy learning about the unique attributes of each fascinating raptor species.  Programs address the challenges of declining habitat, the hazards of toxic chemicals, and the role humans have played in both endangering and protecting these majestic ambassadors from the wild.

The live raptor shows are held in the Murdock Theatre.
Included with paid admission; free for members.

About the Raptor Project
  Jean Cypher, D.V.M. of the Rowena Wildlife Clinic, called in Spring 2007 to see if the Discovery Center would be interested in having a bald eagle to display. With the assistance of the Discovery Center administrator, Dr. Cypher, Chris Tolotti of Wildlife Rescue of the Gorge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Migratory Bird Division, and Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department, the idea for a full-scale education and exhibit project evolved.

The program meets several needs.  It affords the clinic a new avenue for educating the public about native raptors and their habitats, provides a place for non-releasable injured birds that must otherwise be euthanized, and offers the Discovery Center a new attraction that meets its mission to inspire appreciation and stewardship of the Gorge. The bald eagle, is strictly an exhibition bird, allowing the public a relatively close view of a very large raptor. Its 24’x48’ enclosure allows room for exercise, although a permanent wing injury prevents it from flying.

In addition to the eagle exhibit, several education birds are on site include a great horned owl, a Western screech owl, an American kestrel, a rough legged hawk and a red-tailed hawk. All of these birds are the property of the federal government held under permit with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.




Adopt a Raptor Program


A Great Horned Owl is part of the Adopt a Raptor Program

The Discovery Center's Raptor Project receives funds solely from donations, program fees, and grant support, all of which go directly to the care and maintenance of the raptors.

In order to expand the public's appreciation and knowledge of raptors and to help fund the stewardship of the birds, you can symbolically adopt a Discovery Center raptor. A Raptor Adoption makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life! learn more

If you adopt a raptor you will be invited to come spend a little time with them. You'll learn their secret name, and learn more about their daily lives.

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